Planning Application for a Para 79 (Formerly Para 55) House in East Sussex

RXA have submitted a planning application for a new dwelling to suit Para 79 requirements. The design has been developed to reflect the previous agricultural use of the site both in form and materiality. The existing consists of clusters of single storey buildings, all previously used as part of the piggery and for storage/workshops. The proposed design takes influence from the existing buildings by creating a dwelling which resembles a cluster of smaller individual buildings, all single storey and linked with glazed and planted link spaces.

The proposals have been designed to create a highly sustainable house, with MVHR systems, PV panels and a ground source heat loop, resulting in extremely low running costs and carbon footprint.

A material pallet of black corrugated metal cladding, dark grey bricks and black stained timber has been carefully considered. The combination of materials adds interest and breaks up the mass of the volumes further. The materials are all references to traditional farming and agricultural materials, however they will be used in a highly contemporary way and combined with large glazed openings. The darker aesthetic has also been chosen as it visually reduces the overall impact on the site when viewed from a distance.

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