Sea Angling Club

East Parade, Bexhill, East Sussex

As a starting point, we considered the spatial dynamics of the existing open space adjacent to the clubhouse itself and the unique location directly on the sea front.  The public space is more like an eddy along the flow of pedestrian traffic leading from Bexhill to Hastings.  However the edges of this space are not well defined and visually underwhelming.  Hence our design is to bookend the public space with a visually animated façade incorporating a kiosk and seating while stretching the building horizontally the full width of the site to maximise the views to the seafront.

Inside the space has been divided into a clubhouse with facilities for storing fishing equipment and a flexible teaching space that can be divided off from the main club room when in use.

The ambition, is for the internal spaces and the perimeter landscape to overlap, where the thresholds between both can be inhabited both by the sea anglers and members of the public.

Whilst simple in concept, complexity is introduced through folding and sliding walls, projecting kiosk arrangement and punched holes in the roof form.  The design utilises robust materials; Kebony (sustainable, durable wood) cladding and a concrete plinth that will weather well in this exposed location.

New structural landscaping and textured paving around the building will help animate the public space and create a sense of destination.