Bridge Point  


The site lies on the Riverfront in Rye, East Sussex within an area which has been predominantly industrialised over the last 100 years. Before this the site was a mud flat around the base of the cliff of Rye, historically know as a boat making area, with Rye itself being one of the Cinque Ports. This ambitious scheme involves the conversion of a large warehouse building into a multi-purpose arts centre. The new arts centre, referred to as Bridge Point Studios will contain purpose built artists studios and workshops, including 3 live work apartments for an artist in residence scheme. The design also includes an arts library, gallery spaces, office and retail space along with a multi- functional 250 seat performance space.

The design emphasises on retaining the industrial feel of the existing warehouses by exposing concrete frames and brickwork, whilst adding new glazed additional along with a bronze folded sculptural roof form to the main section.

The site also includes designs for a new riverfront restaurant over two floors with views across the river. A new deck and public walkway access will be created which will create a pedestrian link from Rye to the site. The intention is to create a open public park with large amounts of green space, seating areas and an outdoor amphitheatre.

Mixed within the scheme are small pockets of housing, which includes a small selection of high end semi-detached and detached riverfront houses along with a small terrace of 3 mews type properties all with river views.

Location: Rye 
Building Type: Commercial 
Budget: Confidential 
Status: Planning 

Website: Bridge Point Rye