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Carriage House 


This new build project replaces an existing single-storey dwelling while retaining a 19 th century timber railway carriage in the heart of the house. A full width recessed entrance porch with outside wood burner provides a welcoming and sheltered point of arrival and leads to the main living space through a double set of stable doors.

The railway carriage is centrally located and acts as giant piece of joinery, continuously glazed to establish strong visual connections through to the spaces on either side. Dining, living, and cooking spaces are created in and around the carriage while the carriage itself becomes a flexible family space. The bedrooms are positioned to face towards the private rear garden and two long views organised on either side of the living space to visually connect the front and rear gardens and to form corridors to access the bedrooms.

Reclaimed Jarah wood has been used to clad the outside of the building. Traditionally Jarah is used at switching and crossing points on railways hence making a historical connection with the retained railway carriage inside. Internally the floors, walls and ceiling are finished in a mix of reclaimed and new materials with bright coloured full height sliding doors to differentiate each space.

A single room was added to the first floor to enjoy views of the treetops in the summer and long views to the shingle ridges in the winter.

Location: Winchelsea
Building Type: Residential  
Budget: Confidential 
Status: Completed 2016 

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